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Duration: 8 h

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The tour will begin after you meet your private driver who will be easily recognizable due to the sign on which will be written your name. After a brief presentation your private driver will accompany you at the luxurious minivan where and will offer you every comfort you need. Furthermore he will give you important information about the travel and the places that you are going to visit. 


The old city of Pompeii is located at the base of the Vesuvius and was flourish during the Period of the Roman Empire. After the eruptions of the Volcano in 79 B.C the city has been destroyed and covered by ashes and lapillus. The Archeological dig started in ‘700 century and in three centuries only 3/5 part of the city has been discovered. Now the city has declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and, every year, about 3,000,000 tourists come to visit.


The city of Naples occupies the entire Gulf, from the western coast until the hill to the east. It’s history is ancient and full of important events. Thanks to special maps and studies it is possible to recognize the evolution of the city during the last 2500 years. From the connection with the Ancient Greece, passing for the Roman Empire time, until now, Naples has ever been a special city in Italy, it saves and preserves a lot of traditions, music and folklore that, in other part of the Italy, have been lost forever. Just an example is the local dialect, famous in all the world, that is utterly far from the Italian language.

Must Visit :
Archeological Museum of Naples: One of the biggest and ancient museum of Europe is famous for the walls, the paints, and the rests of the ancient Pompeii, Herculaneum and Naples.
Churches and Cathedral of Naples
San Carlo Opera House: One of the most beautiful and ancient Opera House in Europe
Spaccanapoli: It is so named the street that divides the city of Naples in two parts
Royal Palace and Plebiscito square: From these places you can see the most breath-taking landscapes of ever


Duration of the tour : 8-9 hours (due to the duration of your cruise ship)

Included : Deluxe Air-conditioned vehicle, English speaking driver and full day licensed guide , All tolls, parking, petrol (gas) and taxes.

Not Included : Entrance fees where applicable, Lunch.
Entrance Fees : Pompeii 13 Euro . Open From 9.00 AM until 5.00 PM. Reservation no needed for this site. National museum of Naples - 10 Euro 

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